Monthly Archives: May 2013

Something that I used to know


Yesterday, I read a story I could relate to.
Usually, I’d feel the author’s misery.
Usually, I’d cry.
But yesterday, I didn’t.

Last night, I listened to a sad song we could relate to.
Usually, I’d feel the singer’s pain.
Usually, I’d hurt.
But last night, I didn’t.

This morning, I talked to someone I used to care about.
Usually, I’d go nuts.
Usually, I’d reminisce.
But this morning, I didn’t.

Earlier today, they talked about someone you like.
Usually, I’d listen to our song.
Usually, I’d think of us.
But earlier today, I didn’t.

An hour ago, I watched a story anybody could relate to.
Usually, I’d think of love and all it has done to me.
Usually, I’d cry in misery.
But an hour ago, I didn’t.

Now, I am writing about something I used to speak of.
Usually, I’d try to define it.
Usually, I’d use adjectives to explain how it feels.
But I didn’t.

Now, I am writing about love.
Yes, I used to talk about it.
Yes, I used to know how it feels to be into it.
But now, it’s but a foreign word…
nothing familiar,
nothing I know