Monthly Archives: August 2013

A Walk to Remember


The other day, we walked together, just the two of us. It wasn’t impeccable, but for me, it was enough.

I walked across the street to get to where you were. But as much as I wasn’t surprised to see you, I too was.  You smiled when you saw me. I did the same for I was glad. And ’til now, I’m hoping you were, too. 

We talked about the weather and the rain and the wreck the storm has caused, but nothing more than that. And while I could have started another small talk, I knew I didn’t need that. I like you better when you’re not loud.

There was a time when we had to walk past some remnants of the flood. You didn’t help me get through it, but cheered and told me where to step onto. I liked that, too.

We didn’t walk hand in hand, neither did we always walk side by side. There were times when I wanted you to only walk ahead of me. I like staring at your back and somewhat dream of what we could be.

I guess I liked every second of that afternoon, every detail, every step, every raindrop that touched my skin, every background noise that there was, every blink of my eyes, even every stranger we walk past. Maybe I liked everything.




 Or maybe all I really liked that afternoon… was you.