Scarred and Scared


I used to believe so much in love. I didn’t care how it caused pain on so many people. And though I had my fair share of scars, I still had a firm faith in it. I believed because I saw how real it was with one couple. Just a couple yet that was enough. They were my living proof that true love existed, and that it’s beautiful, and it could last.

I believed until I saw them fall apart. I saw it all break, and it broke me as well. I started having doubts. Just one couple yet that was enough. And though a part of me still wants to believe, life is just getting too real I tend to forget all about it’s wonders. 

Maybe I’m just a little too scared right now. Maybe I’ll be scared forever. But maybe, just maybe, someday I’ll find someone who would take away all these fears, someone who’s worth taking risks for, someone who’s worth hurting for. 


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